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Webinar: How to increase your reps' deal size with virtual micro-enablement

Watch the webinar now to learn from Dave Howe, Business Sales Enablement manager at TouchBistro, about how he used virtual micro-enablement programs delivered through Salesforce alongside Gong revenue intelligence to train reps to sell on value – and how that increased his average deal size by 34%.

In this half hour webinar, you’ll learn: 

  • Why sales enablement initiatives fail
  • How to pivot from feature selling to value selling
  • How to build a virtual micro-enablement program for your team
  • How to see if your virtual training is impacting how your reps do their job
  • How to tie it all all back to revenue outcomes

About the Presenters

Dave Howe_ TouchBistro_Profile-1

Dave Howe

Business Enablement Manager, TouchBistro

Dave is on his fifth startup company leading the enablement charge at TouchBistro -the #1 iPad-based Restaurant Management System on the market. He's trained over 6,000 sales & marketing professionals worldwide driven by his life's mission to help individuals, companies and the world around me reach greater levels of success by sharing innovative ideas. He achieves this by constantly consuming and communicating strategic insights and technological advances that others can use to their benefit.