On-Demand Webinar

How To Ramp Your Reps Faster With Smarter Onboarding

Every sales leader knows there’s a gap between A players and B players. But why?

It starts with onboarding.

Poor onboarding creates bad habits in new hires that become nearly impossible to fix down the road.

Whether you’re getting started with a new onboarding program or looking for ways to get your reps to ramp faster, this webinar will go over the tools and methodologies you need to create smarter onboarding and close the sales performance gap.

What you'll learn

  • How poor onboarding creates the “gap” between your A-Players and B-Players
  • Why visibility into conversations is key to accelerating onboarding
  • How to create  onboarding programs that drive results, step-by-step
  • Two technologies that enable  smarter, faster onboarding