On-Demand Webinar

How to Enable New Sales Managers

Sales managers are essential to the success of your GTM team. The coaching and guidance they provide is the only real way that sales reps get better, and improving the skill of your sales reps is the best way to grow margins.

But the truth is, most sales managers get promoted to their roles by being terrific individual contributors...and quickly find that managing takes a completely different skill set.

The typical result: People find themselves in a critical role they’ve never been trained to do, and they sink more than they swim.

Fortunately, sales enablement has the solution. Your enablement team can support managers the same way they support reps - and we have the perfect webinar to show you how.

Watch the discussion moderated by Adriana Romero with panelists Rebecca Garber from LevelJump and Joe Venuti from Sendoso.