On-Demand Webinar

AA-ISP Idea Exchange: Motivation for Remote Sales Teams

As the remote selling reality has sunk in for leaders and sellers, you may have noticed that the traditional ways of motivating your team aren't cutting it.

Some argue that Inside Sales was the profession best suited to transition to a remote environment because we:

  • Have the tools and tech to support our process
  • Use remote selling modalities already
  • Were prepared for digital transformation
  • Rally around our sellers and celebrate their wins

But one area leaders and organizations fell short during the transition was in remote leadership, particularly around the question: ‘how do I motivate my newly-distributed team?'

What you'll learn

  • The challenges their teams faced with motivation
  • What they've tried and the results
  • How leveraging their enablement resources helped
  • Ways to bring enablement and sales leaders together to collaborate for success