Webinar: How To Ramp Your Reps In Q4 & Start 2020 Off Right

Everything You Need To Know To Help Your Sales Team Hit Their Number in Q4.


Sales needs help.

Today, sales teams are expected to deliver the world… with rapidly dwindling buyer faith in their ability to do so.

Buyers are smarter, more informed, and less patient than ever before. 46% of enablement leaders surveyed said buyers have increased expectations of value-added insight. And at the same time, 57% of reps expect to miss their quota this year.

So enablement needs to deliver results. Today.

By aligning with the revenue metrics that matter and helping sales hit their quota in-quarter, sales enablement can get a seat at the table and deliver on the results that senior leaders care about.

Join CEO and LevelJump founder David Bloom on 5 killer strategies you can deploy to impact the sales numbers before the end of the year, onboard and ramp reps faster, and deliver and prove your influence on the results your board cares about.

In this webinar you’ll learn:

  • How to use Mastery Learning to drive quota attainment today
  • How to automate your onboarding and get reps ramped faster
  • How to use video to get reps to quota faster
  • How to maximize the value of the ramped reps you already have
  • How to measure sales onboarding in terms of the revenue metrics your VP Sales cares about

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Ramp Reps In Q4 + Start 2020 Off right

About the Presenter

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David Bloom

Founder & CEO

David Bloom is the CEO & Founder of LevelJump, a sales onboarding and enablement solution built on the Salesforce platform.  Prior to founding LevelJump David built and sold a corporate training company and held a variety of sales and marketing leadership roles at Fortune 500 life sciences and technology companies including Salesforce.com, GSK and Pfizer.