Webinar: How to Build an Outcome-Based Enablement Program for Go-To-Market Success

Elevate enablement and get a seat at the table in 2020.


Enablement teams are the unsung heroes of the revenue team. 

And they’re unsung because no one knows what they do. 

Muddled attribution and unclear success metrics has made the enablement business case difficult to make, leading to lower investment despite positive ROI.

Because the question that executives keep asking themselves is: 

Is enablement worth it?

Until now.

Outcome-Based Enablement is a breakthrough methodology that aligns enablement to revenue outcomes, and gives teams the ability to prove their contribution to the bottom line.

In this half hour webinar, you’ll learn: 

  • The Outcome-Based Enablement methodology
  • Why Outcome-Based Enablement is the future of sales enablement
  • How to apply Outcome-Based Enablement to your 2020 enablement plans

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webinar_Outcome-Based Enablement: A Proven Framework for Go-To-Market Success

About the Presenter

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David Bloom

Founder & CEO

David Bloom is the CEO & Founder of LevelJump, a sales onboarding and enablement solution built on the Salesforce platform.  Prior to founding LevelJump David built and sold a corporate training company and held a variety of sales and marketing leadership roles at Fortune 500 life sciences and technology companies including Salesforce.com, GSK and Pfizer.