Webinar: Sales Onboarding Program Templates for 2018

Everything you need to ramp your reps quickly in 2018.

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We all know the new year comes with a tremendous amount of pressure for sales enablers and leaders. How do I get all of these new reps up to speed? What if there's a mis-hire? What if my managers can't coach effectively? What do I do about Joe who works half way across the world? How do I get him onboarded?

Whether you're just getting started with your sales onboarding program, or you're looking for new ways to train your reps, this webinar will give you insight into how to implement sales onboarding programs that impact meaningful sales metrics.

In this webinar, you'll learn:

  • Why getting onboarding right is so damn hard
  • Sales onboarding program templates you can use today
  • Demo a sales onboarding and enablement solution built natively in Salesforce

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About the Presenter

Melissa Madian Sales Enablement Leader

Melissa Madian

Principal & Chief Fabulous Officer

Melissa is the Principal and Chief Fabulous Officer at TMM Enablement Services, providing sales and customer experience enablement services for organizations looking to optimize their revenue-generating, customer-facing functions. She takes her 15+ years of experience in building and running successful sales enablement programs for rapid-growth startups, large corporations, and pre-IPO software organizations, and applies those best practices to companies interested in taking their sales and customer success teams to the next level. Prior to her consultancy, she held senior sales enablement positions at Eloqua, Oracle, and Vision Critical.