TouchBistro Increases Deal Size By 34% 

How the #1 iPad POS for restaurants used LevelJump to pivot reps to value-based selling

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“LevelJump’s been absolutely essential to enabling our existing reps to sell on value – a change that’s had a massive impact on our bottom line.”

Dave Howe, Business Enablement Manager

LevelJump Impact

34% increase in deal size
53% increase in revenue per rep
175% increase in value-based selling

Dave Howe is the Business Enablement Manager at TouchBistro, the #1 iPad restaurant point of sale (POS) system. TouchBistro helps restaurants manage their business from front-of-house to the back office, so owners and operators can focus on their passion – serving great people, great food.

Dave needed to train his reps to sell on the value of the TouchBistro ecosystem, so that restaurants saw them as a partner, and not a payment widget.

“We were competing on price, when we needed to be competing on the massive business value that TouchBistro can provide.”

The challenge: Competing on price, not value

The POS world is extremely competitive, with lots of players competing for the business of restaurants on razor-thin margins. In order to hit hypergrowth sales targets and win in the POS land grab, TouchBistro began to rely on discounting to move deals forward.

“We opened up discounting to the reps without giving guidance on how best to use it,” says Dave. “While it definitely drove new acquisition, we knew the unit economics weren’t sustainable.”

Customer payback periods were getting longer, and TouchBistro needed to change how they sold if they wanted their business to remain a market leader.

The solution: TouchBistro leverages the LevelJump & Gong partnership to sell value instead of price

TouchBistro first worked to refine their messaging to focus on the things restaurants cared most about: reducing costs, increasing revenue, increasing internal visibility, and improving guest experience.

Then, using LevelJump, they rolled out micro-enablement programs for each message, combining synchronous instructor-led training with content, practice rooms, and pitch certifications for sellers.

But the program didn’t stop there.

With LevelJump Program Metrics and Gong Trackers, TouchBistro was able to measure if reps’ talk tracks reflected the new messaging post-training, and if so, what revenue impact that change had.

LevelJump allowed Dave and his team to enable sellers through Salesforce, prove that the new value-based selling was actually happening, and then tie revenue outcomes back to their work, closing the loop on TouchBistro’s enablement ROI.

“The ability to build and execute four different enablement programs from within Salesforce and then see if reps were actually changing the way that they sold was huge for us,” says Dave. “On top of that, we could quickly see if all of our hard work was paying dividends, instead of just creating programs and hoping for the best.”


Revenue Outcomes: 34% increase in deal size

Since Dave launched the new value-based selling programs, TouchBistro has seen a significant improvement to the bottom line.

With Gong’s Keyword Trackers and LevelJump’s embedded Program Metrics, they validated that their enablement program was changing how their reps sold, with a 176% increase in conversations around how TouchBistro can help restaurants reduce costs, and a 143% increase in conversations around how TouchBistro can improve revenue.

But the real impact wasn’t in the new behaviour; it was in the revenue outcomes that behaviour drove.

TouchBistro saw a 34% increase in deal size within 90 days of rep certification, as sellers focused on business value instead of price and features.

Not only is the average contract value higher, but by increasing deal size, TouchBistro lowers its customer payback period and can more effectively deliver on the value that their restaurant owners care about, like reducing costs, increasing revenue, and improving guest experiences.

“LevelJump and Gong together have not only validated our hypothesis that value-based selling would drive results, but they’ve been critical for helping us deliver and track the impact of the programs we run.”

How TouchBistro Uses LevelJump

  • LevelJump / Gong Integration: LevelJump partnered with Gong to link sales enablement to revenue intelligence. For TouchBistro, it means they can use keyword tracking to prove that reps are practicing their training, and can correlate that new behaviour through revenue outcomes.

  • Embedded Sales Milestones: LevelJump embeds sales milestones into enablement programs that can only be completed when the milestone is achieved. TouchBistro leveraged the Gong integration to embed Keyword Tracker milestones into their programs, so reps are only finished when they use the new value-based talk tracks.

  • Performance Metrics: LevelJump is built 100% on Salesforce, which allows TouchBistro to tie revenue outcomes back to their enablement efforts. With Outcome Analytics and Revenue Attribution Metrics, they can drill down into what top reps are doing differently, see who’s falling behind, and optimize their programs for revenue over time.

What’s next for TouchBistro and LevelJump

LevelJump has introduced a new approach to enablement at TouchBistro. Dave and his team can now work to proactively identify opportunities where they can improve revenue outcomes, then build, test, and iterate programs that drive results.

“Enablement has become a real strategic advantage for us,” says Paul Snelson, VP Sales. “Our team was able to solve a significant revenue challenge that our board was focused on. Not only that, but with the insights we get from LevelJump and Gong, we know that the programs are working, and we’re in a position to test and track new ideas. It’s a total game changer for how we hone our revenue engine.”

TouchBistro is laser-focused on their vision of reinventing the restaurant experience and supporting the passion of restaurateurs through cutting-edge technology. Now, powered by LevelJump, they can realize that vision, faster and more efficiently than ever before.