How To Tie Enablement And Coaching To Revenue Outcomes


How To Tie Enablement And Coaching To Revenue Outcomes

Sales engagement, sales enablement, LMS, CMS, CRM, conversational intelligence, revenue intelligence — there’s a lot of tools out there for the modern sales enabler.

And yet, it’s still a huge challenge to tie programs to new behaviours in reps, and link it all to revenue outcomes.

In this panel discussion, we’re going to hear from enablement and coaching experts from Gong, Clearbanc, and (of course) LevelJump on the best way to tie your work to revenue impact, what leading and lagging indicators matter, and why behaviour and coaching might be the missing link from enablement to business results.

You'll Learn


What enablement metrics you should be tracking


How to link programs to behaviour change


What leading and lagging indicators matter


Why process needs to come before technology


How to get started with tying enablement and revenue


Spencer_headshot-round (1)

Spencer Grover {Moderator}

Senior Product Marketing Manager, LevelJump

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Becca_Shaffer-headshots (1)

Becca Shaffer {Guest}

Senior Customer Success Manager, LevelJump

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MB smile-round (1)

Matt Biggerstaff {Guest}

Senior Customer Success Manager, Gong

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Adriana Romero {Guest}

GTM Enablement Manager, Clearbanc

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