Train and reinforce the most profitable sales skills via an accelerated onboarding process, and help reps close their first deal in a fraction of the time.

Outcome-Based Enablement for Sales Onboarding

Broken enablement processes start with activities and other input metrics and go from there, but the smarter way is the opposite: begin with the outcomes you want to achieve, and choose the activities that are most likely to get you there. That is how outcome-based enablement is changing the way companies enable sales - and it starts with how they onboard their new reps.


Deliver an outcome-based enablement experience from within your Salesforce workflow. Begin at the ideal starting point - your goals - and map the most optimal path for each new hire.


Embed milestones like activities completed, opportunities piped, and deals closed directly into your onboarding program. Validate which activities change behaviour, improve performance, and increase productivity.


Connect onboarding to impact and ROI. Attribute enablement + coaching to revenue metrics and KPIs to see what works best.

LevelJump is an outcome-based sales enablement platform that empowers enablers to create smarter onboarding programs within their rep’s workflow. These programs accelerate onboarding by automatically validating reps are completing sales activities when they need to, and tying their enablement through to improvements in ramp time.

We built our onboarding platform with two goals in mind: make training and onboarding new sales reps easier; and create a direct connection between activities and outcomes so you can see how your efforts are generating results.


LevelJump for Sales Enablement Leaders

As a leader, you’re responsible for getting new sales pros up to speed so they can start producing - the faster, the better. But onboarding is complicated, time-consuming, and stressful. What’s worse is when you invest in enablement but aren’t even sure it’s working - and don’t have the data to show you how to improve it. You also need to validate your efforts - to prove that your hard work is directly responsible for results. Outcome-based sales enablement is the solution: a data-backed process to connect enablement to revenue by finding and reinforcing what works best for new hires.

Onboarding programs reduced ramp by tying training to practice, practice to activity, and activity to revenue outcomes. The result:


Decease in ramp time


Decrease in time to first deal

"LevelJump is a must have for sales enablement teams."

Paul Bleier, Director of Sales Enablement

Our Advantages

Build Onboarding Programs Easier, Faster, and More Effectively

  • Intuitive program builder built inside Salesforce 
  • Proven templates to jump ahead 
  • Content storage integration to popular apps  (G-suite, Sharepoint, Highspot, and more)

Certify Reps Efficiently and Thoroughly

  • Monitor rep skill acquisition and progress
  • Features like pitch rooms, scorecards, and pitch recordings that make it easier for managers to evaluate
  • Certifications that are more relevant and based on actual results, not projections or wishful thinking

Tracking and Reinforcing Behavior Through Embedded Milestones

  • Automatically validate your enablement is being used in the “real world”
  • Identify reps who are falling behind early
  • Create a traceable path from new hire to reps actually doing their jobs
  • Integrations with call intelligence and sales engagement suites give crucial, responsive feedback to reps

Measuring Performance Over Time With More Relevance and Credibility

  • Outcome analytics that provide a detailed look at progress made toward goals
  • Revenue attribution metrics to highlight the connection between activities and the bottom line
  • Custom, user-friendly dashboards with key information at your fingertips

Our Results

Faster time to 1st deal

Higher win rate

Increase in average deal

How much ROI can you achieve?
Find out with our sales onboarding ROI calculator.


Your Full-Service Onboarding Solution Features

Program Builder

Intuitive interface that makes creating onboarding programs easier.

Program Templates

Ready-to-use templates to cut down program creation time and accelerate progress.

Content Storage

Handy repository for content, integrated with leading content management platforms.

Pitch Rooms

Training area for managers and reps to practice and refine sales skills.


Configurable to suit your process and standardize manager feedback.


Relevant and credible statements of sales proficiency.

Outcome Analytics

Data to prove impact of onboarding programs on your users over time.

Revenue Attribution

Connects activities to revenue benchmarks or historical performance.

Custom Dashboards

Interactive command centers tailored to your needs and preferences.

  • quote

    I’ve never worked with a vendor who’s built the level of partnership that we have with LevelJump.

    Raymond King

    Raymond King
    Global Sales Enablement, Egnyte

  • quote

    LevelJump's had a massive impact on our bottom line

    Dave Howe

    Dave Howe
    Senior Manager, Business Enablement, TouchBistro

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    If enablers want to prove ROI... then LevelJump is a no-brainer.

    Ray Owais

    Ray Owais
    Retail Revenue Enablement Lead, Shopify

Sales Onboarding FAQ

Sales onboarding is how sales organizations ensure new hires have the skills and knowledge necessary to become fully productive sales reps (i.e. hit quota). Onboarding should also bring new hires up to speed on the company’s products and services.

To save time and reinforce skills implementing the CRM they’ll use every day. The most efficient way to train a rep and teach them how to make use of a vital tool like Salesforce is to do both at the same time, and in the same place.

These are progress points that highlight a path toward the skills reps need to have to become productive. The goal is to keep learning on schedule and easy to track for reps and managers alike as they start doing their job. Embedding them into the platform itself makes it easier for everyone to see and follow them. Onboarding milestones usually include first cold call, first meeting, first pipeline, and first and second deals.

“Good” onboarding is onboarding that gets reps to their first deal and their first consistent quota in the shortest amount of time possible. How “good” your onboarding program is depends on your desired outcomes, not some mythological industry benchmark that may not be relevant to your situation.

Ramp time is defined differently by each company, but generally it means the amount of time a seller isn’t expected to be at full quota.

It varies, but customers generally benefit from a 40-60% reduction in ramp time.

Absolutely not! You can deliver great onboarding manually. Generally though, once you get to 30+ sellers, it becomes too time consuming to manage it effectively. We can offer a ton of value by reducing your time commitment.

No! LevelJump is used for both onboarding and ongoing enablement. This ROI calculator is based solely on the value you would get from onboarding, but LevelJump delivers ROI for other sales enablement efforts as well.

No, you don’t….but everyone does. If you’re not seeing ROI based on LevelJump cost, come talk to us.

Absolutely (but of course we’d say that). So don’t take our word for it - check out what our actual customers have to say on G2.