How Sales Managers Can Turn One Rainmaker Into A Rainmaking Team


Want to multiply top performance by leveling up your entire team? Download this guide to get started.


In sales, a rainmaker is a top performer who drives a lot of the team’s success. Rainmakers are the stars who move prospects through the sales funnel efficiently while still leaving customers thoroughly wowed. They consistently close, boost revenue, and add shine to your entire organization. Rainmakers are highly prized, and for good reason.

Having one star performer is nice. But what if you could have an entire team of rainmakers? 

What if you could leverage the skills and traits of your top reps to level up the skills of every sales rep on your team, and dramatically increase deals and opportunities across the board?

In this guide, you’ll learn:

  • How social sales enablement combines the two to supercharge your sales team
  • How the constant learning principle will grow the skills of your entire team
  • Why more empowered customers expect more empowered sales reps
  • How to boost your team’s awareness, independence, and flexibility to meet how customers want to buy today
  • Which innovative sales training tools and technological advances are proven to improve performance, and how to use them
  • Why it’s crucial to use metrics and analytics to boost performance - and how to do it