Sales Onboarding ROI Calculator

Calculate how much return you can expect from plugging LevelJump into your sales onboarding strategy.

Sales onboarding is hard. Whether you’re training a new rep, or bringing an experienced salesperson in from the outside, how quickly you get team members up to speed and equip them with vital skills has a direct impact on revenue - and faster is always better.

But how much can you really gain by ramping reps faster? What’s a 1% decrease in ramp time worth to you, and do those gains make onboarding an effective investment?

To help, we built a Sales Onboarding ROI calculator. It will allow you to forecast how much return on ramp (RoR) you can expect from your LevelJump investment.

The Cost of Inefficiency: How Sluggish Sales Onboarding Is a Drag on Revenue

Sales onboarding struggles can eat away at an organization’s productivity and profitability for two different reasons:

  • The longer it takes for a sales rep to become productive, the longer it takes for them to pay for themselves.
  • Sales turnover is high and tenure is short - which means you have less time to recoup your losses.

The Bridge Group found that 41% of reps will be at productivity for less than 24 months. What’s more, a full 30% of your sellers are likely to churn this every year.

Combined with the fact that half of all companies take 5+ months to ramp up a new rep, bringing that down is a top priority for high-performing teams. Otherwise, each new sales hire, paradoxically, ends up costing instead of making you money.

Plus, there’s an opportunity cost with your customers that comes with turnover and delayed productivity. Deals and delays don’t mix; opportunities that aren’t being pursued by your sales reps now likely won’t be there when they finally reach productivity.

The goal is simple

Accelerate your reps to productivity, and you’ll recoup your hiring and
training costs faster and get to ROI sooner.

By calculating how long it takes to ramp up a new sales rep, how much quota each rep carries, the size of your team, and other variables, you can see how much money an inefficient onboarding process is costing you and how much you stand to gain by speeding up onboarding (even just a little bit).

Accelerating an onboarding process can’t happen, though, until that process is fundamentally sound.

Sales onboarding needs to have:



A formalized program


A method for assessing if your reps are ready


Validation reps complete sales activities on time


Metrics proving its impact on time to productivity


Automating some (or all) of the above push the ROI envelope even further and increase skill acquisition and preparedness without putting more of a burden on your sales enablement team.

How LevelJump Helps
Boost Sales Onboarding ROI

LevelJump is an outcome-based enablement platform that gives enablers the power to create programs within their seller’s workflow, automatically validate reps are completing sales activities when they need to, and tie their enablement through to improvements in ramp time.

We built our platform to make it easier for teams to not only train and onboard reps, but also connect those actions to business results - to see how your efforts are directly contributing to revenue.


LevelJump’s outcome-based enablement empowers customers to:


Enable reps within their workflow
Determine revenue goals, set timelines, and create progress points.


Automate milestone Tracking
Give reps optimal actions to take (and automatically track that they actually do it).

Computer Tech

Discover insights + prove impact
View metrics on actions performed, milestones met, and revenue generated.

The Outcome:

40 percent

Lower ramp time
for new sales hires.

80 percent

Faster time to deals, and fewer dollars spent per rep getting there


Ramp time is defined differently by each company, but generally it means the amount of time a seller isn’t expected to be at full quota.

It varies, but customers generally benefit from a 40-60% reduction in ramp time.

Absolutely not! You can deliver great onboarding manually. Generally though, once you get to 30+ sellers, it becomes too time consuming to manage it effectively. We can offer a ton of value by reducing your time commitment.

No! LevelJump is used for both onboarding and ongoing enablement. This ROI calculator is based solely on the value you would get from onboarding, but LevelJump delivers ROI for other sales enablement efforts as well.

No, you don’t….but everyone does. If you’re not seeing ROI based on LevelJump cost, come talk to us.

Absolutely (but of course we’d say that). So don’t take our word for it - check out what our actual customers have to say on G2.