How To Run Effective Programs in the New World of Hybrid Sales Enablement


The world is starting to wake up again, but it’s not going to go back to “business as usual”.

73% of employees want flexible remote options, and plenty of companies took advantage of work from home to hire top talent from all over the world.

Now, some degree of sales force distribution is the norm, not the exception.

Enablement needs to adapt to continue to build programs that suit their sellers and deliver the revenue outcomes businesses are looking for.

David Bloom, Founder + CEO of LevelJump, Adriana Romero, Dir of Enablement Solutions, and Matt Scheitle, Revenue Enablement Manager at Chorus have a candid conversation about hybrid enablement, and what teams need to do to stay ahead as we transition to (yet another) new way of working.

You'll Learn

Layer 228

How to support in-person and remote sellers

Layer 230

What good hybrid enablement looks like

Layer 231

When to use in-person and when to use asynchronous tools

Bullet Point 1

What we'll keep from our pandemic experience (and what we'll scrap)



David Bloom

Founder + CEO,

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Adriana Romero

Director of Enablement Solutions,

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Matt Scheitle

Revenue Enablement Manager,

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