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$45 per user/month

35 user minimum 
  • Embedded & automated program milestones
  • Revenue attribution metrics
  • Outcome analytics
  • Program builder & templates
  • Video recording & virtual whiteboarding
  • Coaching rooms
  • Quizzes, scoring & certifications
  • Just-in-time coaching smart cards 
  • Collateral library & global bookmarking 
  • 1-click install
  • Dedicated customer success
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Trusted by fast-growing companies globally

“LevelJump has significantly helped us automate and scale our national onboarding program, with great feedback from both the team members and their sales leaders.”
Paul Bleier
Dir. Sales Enablement
“[LevelJump] allows us to track how training impacts revenue, which to me makes it an essential part of any sales enablement function.”
Zeb Moseman
Zeb Moseman 
Revenue Enablement Training Supervisor
"LevelJump has had a significant impact on our time-to-ramp and sales productivity metrics."
Jocelyn Brown 
SVP, Customer & Revenue

Common onboarding software pricing questions

We have an LMS, isn’t that enough?

An LMS is often designed for corporate compliance. It doesn’t really help a sales rep succeed at a performance-based role. Sales onboarding and training software is designed to guide reps through the sales cycle, giving them the right content and training they need to make them effective at their jobs. With LevelJump you can go one step further and tie your sales enablement efforts to Salesforce Sales CloudTM based milestones and outcomes.

We don’t have a lot of content, will it still work?

You're probably sitting on a goldmine of content you haven't considered using yet. Most  companies we work with already have the basics - persona sheets, competitive battle cards, call scripts, sales process, and technical training documents. However, a lot of companies don’t have much beyond that, so they turn to call recordings as content. If you record your reps, then you have a content creation machine in your back pocket. Recordings serve up a wealth of great content and knowledge you can leverage for sales onboarding. On top of that, using a software will provide you with structure on what to create next, and allow you to scale peer-to-peer video creation (think win stories and best practices from your top reps).

Is it only available for Salesforce?

Yes. We’re built on the Salesforce platformTM to extend both the Sales and Service CloudTMWe’re not a point solution with an API integration. If you don’t have Salesforce Sales CloudTM, you can’t use LevelJump.

Can I swap user licenses after reps are ramped?

You could, but none of our customers do. Once a rep is ramped, there’s always something new they need to be “onboarded” on. New product launch. New marketing campaign. New sales process. New sales methodology. New messaging. Not to mention the ongoing peer collaboration in coaching rooms, the sharing of best practices across reps, learning from each other, and using the top ramping reps as benchmarks for future cohorts.

Salesforce can be overwhelming, is this easy to use?

Our customers have raved on G2 and AppExchange on how intuitive and easy it is to use - both for the Sales Enablement Manager and the reps. LevelJump becomes a part of your reps' workflow and actually makes SalesforceTM less overwhelming over time. 

G2 Sales Onboarding & Training Leader LevelJump


There’s a lot of pieces, does it take long to implement?

The install and setup takes less than 30 minutes. Once the install is complete and permission sets assigned, you can have programs and coaching rooms up and running within hours or days. Before using LevelJump, our customers would typically require weeks or months to have a program up and running, executing through Google Sheets and manual reports. With LevelJump you can take advantage of our best practices, out of the box templates and awesome customer support to launch quickly and easily.

We already use a CMS, how is this different?

We love the CMS landscape. They’re a great way to organize content for sales teams. However, they’re more focused on the customer engagement metrics, and less on the ongoing skills development of your internal sales team. Ideally, you would use both LevelJump in conjunction with a CMS to get the entire enablement spectrum.


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