Better Together: Gong's Revenue Intelligence meets LevelJump's Outcome-Based Enablement

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Learn what Gong + LevelJump can do for you.

Build enablement programs that drive better conversations and prove the revenue impact.

How does LevelJump + Gong work?

Conversation Milestones

Use Gong interaction and tracker data as milestones in onboarding and ongoing training programs

  • Add Gong calls to enablement programs
  • Create milestones based off talk time, call duration, or product mentions
  • Automate milestones achievement based on conversation stats
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Power Outcome Analytics with Gong Trackers

Tie Gong call data to LevelJump program performance and optimize enablement for revenue KPIs.

  • Use Outcome Analytics to see the patterns that deliver revenue outcomes
  • Compare sellers to see what top performers are doing differently in their conversations

Revenue Attribution Metrics

Track the impact of call quality on seller performance over time in a single dataset.

  • Correlate call quality and program performance to revenue outcomes in a single view
  • Attribute revenue to specific programs and conversation scorecards to prove ROI
Gong Quality Conversations in Revenue Attribution Metrics

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Gong’s revenue intelligence gives us the insights we need to understand what leads to long-term sales success, particularly as we roll out new product lines. We’ve embedded those insights into LevelJump enablement and readiness programs, which allows us to test, validate, and track what behaviour leads to closed deals. It’s a total game changer for how we hone our revenue engine.

Paul Snelson,
VP Sales