Egnyte Improves Ramp Time by 91% 

How the world’s only secure content collaboration platform specifically for businesses uses LevelJump to measure the impact of their sales enablement.

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“I’ve never worked with a vendor who’s built the level of partnership that we have with LevelJump.”

Raymond King, Global Sales Enablement

LevelJump Impact

73% decrease in time to first meeting
86% decrease in time to first opportunity
91% decrease in time to first deal

Raymond King is the global sales enablement manager at Egnyte, a mid-market technology company headquartered in Mountain View, CA. They help businesses with secure content collaboration and governance, providing centralized control while letting users access content from wherever work gets done. Once their sales team started growing, they needed LevelJump to understand the journey from new rep to seasoned veteran, and get under the hood of their onboarding process and measure impact metrics that matter.

Raymond’s goal was to find a way to truly measure the impact that the sales enablement programs he was running in terms of the sales metrics that mattered to the business.

“We were using a leading sales enablement tool, but we weren’t able to correlate it’s learning paths to our Salesforce data.”

The challenge: no clear link between enablement and ROI

Egnyte grew primarily as an inbound business, but over time they’ve needed to shift focus to their outbound team.

Over 18 months, they expanded their office and hired a number of new account executives and account managers to accelerate outbound sales. However, the sales enablement team at Egnyte didn’t have the insight they needed to know if their onboarding was effective. Plus, the enablement programs that Egnyte was running had extremely low completion rates, despite the value of the content for new hires.

“Sales managers just weren’t willing to push a program that didn’t have a connection to the metrics they were measured by” said Raymond.

At the same time, the enablement team didn’t have any clear KPIs because there was no way to link the enablement tool they were using to revenue and thus, ROI.

“I used our previous enablement tool for over a year and never managed to fully integrate it with Salesforce to link my programs to sales outcomes."

Why Egnyte chose LevelJump

  • Native on Salesforce: LevelJump is built natively on Salesforce, which means that there’s no integration or third party tool needed to see the impact of enablement programs. More importantly, it means that reps and sales managers stay in their tool of choice, vastly improving program completion rates.

  • Embedded revenue milestones:  LevelJump is the only sales enablement tool that actually makes program completion contingent on the achievement of revenue milestones. Milestones like calls logged, meetings booked, opportunities piped, or deals won.

  • Impact Metrics: Using Program Metrics and User Performance Metrics capabilities, LevelJump lets Egnyte see exactly what their enablement programs are doing to move the needle.

The solution: LevelJump builds revenue metrics directly into programs

With LevelJump, Egnyte launched a 10-day, 24-activity program in just two weeks. Since then, they’ve used LevelJump templates to design and launch two more.

Now, new Egnyte reps run through a pre-bootcamp program before they leave for their week-long in-person training. This program focuses on product and market knowledge, and reps have to pass a quiz on the content before they’re allowed to go.

On the other side of their in-person bootcamp, new reps go straight into the second program LevelJump created for Egnyte. Comprised of 51 activities, this post-bootcamp program lasts 75 days and gets reps all the way from their first day in the office to their first closed / won deal. Leveraging our embedded revenue metrics, reps can’t complete the program until each of their sales milestones have been achieved, offering an unprecedented level of insight into the ramping process for the enablement team.

Egnyte is also starting to roll out product-specific programs that reps can only complete if they source and close a deal with a specific product.

In addition to the programs Egnyte’s built, they have also used LevelJump data to benchmark “time to first” metrics for calls, meetings, opportunities, and deals, giving them a clear picture of their historic onboarding data for the first time.


The result: 91% faster time to first deal

“LevelJump’s been great. I’ve never worked with a vendor who’s built the level of partnership that we have with LevelJump” says Raymond.


“and the impact has been immediate. We’re seeing strong outcomes but also, our program completion rates have skyrocketed. Being built in Salesforce has really gotten our sales managers onboard, and they actively push LevelJump programs in a way they never did with our previous enablement solution.”


On top of a substantial uptick in program completions, Egnyte has also seen a significant revenue impact from its LevelJump programs. Reps who onboard with LevelJump and go through the post-bootcamp program book their first meeting faster, get their first opportunity faster, and close their first deal 91% faster than the historic benchmark.


What’s next for Egnyte + LevelJump

Now that onboarding programs are in place, Egnyte is expanding its continuing education with LevelJump’s Just-In-Time content delivery system.

Leveraging internal sales leaders as subject matter experts, Egnyte’s enablement team is building and rolling out content that surfaces automatically depending on opportunity stage, giving reps exactly the content they need, exactly when they need it.

“LevelJump’s given us a tool to easily capture sales managers’ expertise, as well as a delivery mechanism to surface it at exactly the right time. That’s an incredibly powerful combination.”

For Egnyte, data and metrics are everything. They’re committed to using data to drive their revenue engine, and with LevelJump, the Egnyte enablement can use data to guide its decision making for the very first time.