Some of our Favourite B2B Video Sales Training Channels

sales video training

At LevelJump, we're big on video as a sales training program. Sales managers are constantly looking for new mediums to coach reps with, and video sales training has definitely emerged as a favourite.

Not only does video drive engagement and increases learning outcomes in general, but it's also medium uniquely suited to sales. Since sales is really a combination of content (knowing what you're talking about) and skill (being able to talk about it and listen to your customer), video's high post-consumption recall, plus its ability to show rather than tell, makes it incredibly powerful for B2B sales managers.

And to cap it all off, there's a massive repository of free video sales training clips on YouTube. Here are our favourite video sales training channels.

Jill Konrath's video sales training channel

Jill Konrath has a great number of short videos aimed at making salespeople better and more efficient. Her new book comes out this month

Jill’s content is hyper-focused on delivering a lot of tactical value in a short space of time. So if you’re looking for a video sales training that’s focused on getting your job done now, then Jill is a great resource to turn to.

Jeffrey Gitomer’s video sales training channel

Jeffrey Gitomer has lots of great short videos on a variety of sales 101 topics. He shares some interesting and entertaining stories and tips. His video sales training content is a little bit more sporadic but is definitely worth looking at if you’re feeling stuck. 

Sales for Life video sales training channel

Jamie Shanks and the Sales for Life team have a good mix of videos on their channel with the focus being social selling

Rather than narrowly focusing on just one thing, Sales for Life’s videos tend to look at a wide range of sales tactics, strategic sales methods, third party reports, webinars, guest content, and more. Because of that, it’s a nice one-stop-shop for sales video training, but on the flip side, it does mean that you need to dig a little to get the golden nuggets. 

Sales Benchmark Index video sales training channel

There are many training channels and videos that are targeting at sales reps, Sales Benchmark Index is targeted at sales leaders. Their pitch is they: 


“help executives [just like you] with aggressive growth goals and a lot on the line. Each month you can peek behind the scenes and watch your peers discuss their strategies for how they make their number.”


They’re pretty consistent in their postings and again focus on things from a manager / executive perspective, which is content that’s in short supply.

They also have a podcast which is worth checking out.

Wrap up

Sales video training is a super powerful tool. And while screen recording videos or videos shot on a phone by sales leaders, reps, sales engineers, and marketing teams are valuable, there’s also a sea of third party sales video training content all over YouTube you can use for free. Hopefully, these 4 recommendations can get you started, and YouTube’s “up next”   will keep the good content flowing for you. 

Happy watching! 

Image credit: Jakob Owens via Unsplash