How to supercharge Your Sales Team Training

How Training Videos Can Help Supercharge Your Sales Team--.jpgAll the best sales teams share a few things. They’re highly motivated, they’re full of talented people, and they crush their quotas like nobody’s business.


But they also share one more thing: they’re all heavily invested in sales team training.


Now, picture your own sales team. Does your team match the definition of a great team?


If not, then odds are, you can fix it with sales enablement and training. And we think that video is the key to supercharging your team. Here’s why.

Video fuels incredible information retention

Using video in your training program gives you a tool with universal appeal and content that can be understood by a wide audience.


Your sales team could be made up of individuals who learn in different ways. Some will learn best visually, others through reading / writing, and some through a more hands-on approach.


Videos, while not perfect, go a long way towards offering something for everyone.


Plus, videos deliver a nice back and forth, since reps can watch and the re-present their videos to the team. 


This combination of consume and then demonstrate is a great way deliver meaningful results. If your sales team training involves people completing training modules on their own, video allows them the flexibility of learning at their own pace.


Your sales staff can then repeat any sections that they need to spend more time on as all your training content is at their fingertips. Video empowers your team to take ownership of their training.

Consistent sales team training

In-person is that it’s great… for the people who are there.


Say, for instance, you bring in an external trainer to work with your team.

  • People might be sick
  • Not all your team work in the same office, necessitating expensive travel to fly everyone in
  • There’s no guarantee your trainer will be effective session after session 


In contrast, sales team training that focuses on video content can deliver extremely consistent training again and again.


You can then feel confident that all of your sales reps are receiving the same quality of training and the exact same content.

Sales team training, any where, any time

Let’s face it – sales teams are busy.


It can be extremely difficult to get every salesperson in the same room at the same time.


Videos offers flexibility to your reps so they can complete any sales team training remotely.vIt also means that your sales process isn't nearly as interrupted because team members don't necessarily have to take huge blocks of ours out of their day. Plus, your reps can gain access to training content for refreshers any time they need so they can always be up-to-date.

Boost Your ROI

Investing in the future of your staff through training comes with a large price tag.


Companies can spend thousands of dollars on training a single employee. While training is vital to an employee’s success, it’s no wonder that training programs might be reduced if a company is trying to save money.


Video training allows you to make a single investment in training that pays dividends for months or years.


With video, your sales team training costs are incredibly front-loaded, so you don’t have to continue to fork over cash via facilitators and external trainers. 


This means that the longer your training is running, the better your return on investment and the lower the cost per rep, vastly improving sales team training ROI.

Staff Prefer Video Training

Give your team the content they want. Study after study shows that video is among the most effective engagement tool.

Put simply, people love video, which is why we recommend video forms the core of your sales team training. Rather than having written policies and procedures followed by some quiz or a lecture, video gives your sales training some much-needed dynamism that suits modern sales teams.

Wrap up

Sales team training isn’t fast and isn’t especially easy. But it doesn’t have to be as hard as a lot of organizations make it. Organizations spend over $900K annually on sales team training – an investment that without ongoing nurturing and improvement, will go to waste.


Video-based sales team training can supercharge your sales team because:

  • It’s a lot cheaper to produce, you can do an awful lot more of it
  • It’s currently has the highest engagement of any content format
  • It lets reps consume it at their own pace
  • It can be used again and again, driving a great ROI.


By building a video-based enablement sales training program, you can drive meaningful training results, consistently, repeatedly, and at scale for your whole team. 


Not bad for something you can make on an iPhone!