How to Do Sales Representative Training with Video

Why Video Learning Is Key to Training Sales Reps.jpg

Most companies don’t have regular sales representative training.


It’s expensive, it’s time-consuming, and takes the reps away from selling – something no rep is that keen to do.


But not investing in training for sales reps is shooting yourself in the foot.

Teams that invest in sales representative training, you can improve the reps you have, drive career development, keep them along for longer, and increase their efficiency while they’re here. 


Enter video training. Video makes regular sales representative training far easier and cheaper by designing out the problems of high-cost and time-intensive.


Here’s exactly how video can help your sales representative training program.

1. Video makes sales representative training accessible

Video learning gives your team far better access to sales training.


With traditional in-person sales representative training, they’ll usually lose a day of selling time sitting in a classroom getting lectured for what could potentially be condensed to 10-15 minutes of content.


With videos, learning is immediate.


Your team can access it whenever they want and, more importantly, as many times as they want. They might go back to a negotiation session before every pricing call, or review their prospecting video every week before a call block. 


With video, sales representative training becomes not only a valuable activity but, in time, becomes a valuable internal asset for review and consumption again and again. 


2. Help team members, when and where they need it

At some point, every sale rep will struggles. You’ll see it in their numbers, and eventually, in their attitude.


And these unpredictable slumps are a nightmare for traditional sales representative training that might only happen once a year. 


But with video sales representative training, this doesn’t pose much of a problem.


When your team member is struggling, you can give them the right content at the right time to help them get out of their slump. And this can be done in manageable, bite-sized videos that give “just-in-time” access to knowledge to better their performance.

3. Onboard new employees faster

It’s always important that your new reps hit the ground running. This is challenging when a company doesn’t have regular sales representative training, or only does in-person sales training. With in-person sales training, you have to wait until you have enough new employees to make it worth the money that you have to spend. While you’re waiting, your already-hired reps are left twiddling their thumbs.

Video training for sales reps mitigates these problems. As soon as a new rep is hired, you can get them started with sales training since the videos are all recorded and just waiting.


This makes the onboarding process far faster and lets your new hire become a productive member of the team sooner.

4. Real-time collaboration

Video learning, while it gives up the in-person collaboration, helps reps learn and work together over the long term. When new reps join, they can watch all the old training videos, getting a sense of the company, the problem, and the product extremely quickly. It also creates a permanent record that reps can go back to again and again to check information, answer questions, or record their own video to add to the repository.

5. Instant access to information

Another benefit of video learning is that your sales team will have access to videos covering a variety of topics, so no matter what they are selling


Wherever they are in the sales process, sales representative training via video provides access to the complete repository of training information. 


By providing these resources to your sales team, you give them the power to be successful in any situation, regardless of their familiarity or experience. In turn, this drives consistent, repeatable results across your entire sales force.



Sales representative training is often seen as a waste of time. Basically, it’s a wasted day that reps could be making calls or closing deals if only they weren’t in a boring classroom. 


The reality though is that sales training consistently proves to drive an incredibly high return on investment. 


And yet, organizations remain reluctant to put in the time and resources. 


Video sales representative training is a great way to mitigate this pushback. Not only is it less expensive, but it’s also far more scalable, and helps reps create a repository of content they can call on whenever they need it. 


Combined, these benefits make video training an incredibly effective tool for sales organizations today.