4 Killer Benefits of Video onboarding content

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When onboarding new sales reps, effective training is vital to maintaining a strong sales team.

It’s well worth the effort to build a great onboarding program. It’ll make your sales reps feel welcome, help them learn, and set them up for success.


And video’s the tool to do it.


Creating a comprehensive training program with video onboarding content for your new hires may seem daunting, but with the ROI on video, it’s well worth the effort.

Here are 4 reasons why you should get started now.

1. Better Understanding and Comprehension

Running an in-person training session can leave some of your reps out in the cold.

  • In-person training might not give reps the chance to ask questions
  • It’s built to run at a single learning speed

But with effective video training, your new reps can learn at their own pace, rewinding, pausing, and fast forwarding through the program.


Videos also puts all of your onboarding content at your sales reps’ fingertips.

They can check in with a certain section to increase their understanding. Increasing comprehension and access to training materials means your sales reps will always be in the know.

2. Consistent onboarding content

Video training removes any of the elements of inconsistency that can plague in-person training sessions. You don’t have to worry about being “on” as a trainer, no scheduling conflicts can get in the way, and the delivery is completely controlled.


Using video in your training gives you confidence that each new hire is receiving the same, carefully curated material that will get them ready to sell. Video maintains a high standard of practice throughout your company, without your training being dependent on the merits or pitfalls of individual trainers. Plus, you can re-shoot many times as you need.

3. Saves Your Company Money

Sales training ain’t cheap. Companies can spend thousands of dollars on training, getting in-person trainers in to onboard a single cohort or even a single rep.


And that cost adds up fast if you’re onboard  3-5 cohorts every year.


With video onboarding content, you can cut costs by creating an engaging and consistent training module for your sales reps that can be seen over and over again by subsequent cohorts.


Plus, this training can be completed remotely, again reducing both the cost for the company and the time the rep needs to spend on training. 

4. Video onboarding content is what your reps want

Video is overwhelmingly more popular than other forms of media. For instance, if you look at Facebook ads, video ads capture almost 60% of total clicks.


Likewise, video training is far faster than in-person training. Plus, it has better retention rates and better engagement. (One particularly arresting statistic is that 95% of a message gets remembered when it’s watched, compared to 10% when it’s read.)


And finally, it’s what people want.


According to a HubSpot study last year, video was the preferred content format for over half of  respondents.


The point is: why fight an uphill battle? Getting sales enablement buy-in is a lot easier if you can give the people what they want.

Wrap up

Video onboarding content is incredibly powerful. It’s one of those rare things that works for everyone.


Organizations (who are grateful for the reduction in training costs).


Reps get onboarding content in a format that works for them. 


It's a win-win.


And this only scratches the surface of what’s possible for what video onboarding content can be and do. Pitch certifications, demo call recordings, best practices videos from sales managers, and whiteboard selling are all options to help drive rep engagement, onboarding, and ultimately, a better training ROI.


Want to learn more? Check out our webinar on designing an onboarding program for faster ramp!