Bringing your “Eh” game to sales!

May 31, 2019 / by David Bloom posted in Sales Training & Coaching, LevelJump News, Sales Enablement Best Practices

Last night was a great night.

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How we won Dreamforce 2018 - Our Underdog Story

October 19, 2018 / by David Bloom posted in LevelJump News

There’s a lot of noise that comes with Dreamforce every year. With the conference attracting over 150,000 people to San Francisco for one week, constant promotion that starts 6 months prior to the actual conference start date, Dreamforce can be a big cash burn if you don’t get anything in return. Sounds challenging right? Well, we couldn’t make that mistake this year.

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JBarrows Partners With LevelJump To Deliver Sales Training Inside Salesforce

September 20, 2018 / by Daniel Hebert posted in LevelJump News

We're super excited that John Barrows made an announcement this week that LevelJump was selected as a "Certified JB Learning Platform" and the first to deliver his content and training directly within Salesforce Sales Cloud.

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Everything You Need to Know About Sales Enablement Metrics

December 20, 2017 / by Daniel Hebert posted in LevelJump News, Sales Enablement Metrics & Analysis, Sales Enablement Technology

I’m shocked at the number of sales enablement professionals I’ve had conversations with who don’t  measure CRM-based sales enablement metrics or milestones for their onboarding and training programs.

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LevelJump Announces Sales Onboarding and Enablement Software on the Salesforce AppExchange, the World's Leading Enterprise Apps Marketplace

November 1, 2017 / by Daniel Hebert posted in LevelJump News


LevelJump customers can now accelerate ramp time and productivity through enhanced sales enablement content and programs

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Philanthropy & Culture: Our 1% Pledge to the Upside Foundation

May 11, 2016 / by David Bloom posted in LevelJump News

Your last name does not need to be Gates, Buffett or Zuckerberg for you to be a philanthropist. Philanthropy is simply donating your time, knowledge or money, and there are no minimums to participate in this giving game.

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Sales Hacker Toronto Summary – March 2016

April 16, 2016 / by Spencer Grover posted in LevelJump News

We were so excited to be invited to participate in the Sales Hacker Toronto (SalesHackerTO) event last month.

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