Top 7 Sales Enablement Resources From 2020 You Might Have Missed


The sales enablement community generated a LOT of content in 2020. And unless you were glued to your monitor reading research reports and ebooks 24/7, odds are you missed a golden nugget or two. 

To make your life a little bit easier, we’ve compiled the best resources on one page. You can bookmark this and have the 2020’s top resources at your fingertips.

Everything you need to launch into the New Year feeling confident is here. From the state of technology to stand out thought leaders with profound insights, these free resources will help your team stand out.

The Buyer’s Guide to Sales Enablement Technology [guide]

Technology can be a hurdle for any industry, and keeping up is a chore. Enablers understand that their tech tools can make or break the team. Without the right stack, it’s impossible to solve the problems and be a revenue multiplier.

There are tons of great solutions, and new ones hit the market every week. So, how do teams nail down what will fit their budget and solve their problem?

Behold! The Buyer’s Guide to Sales Enablement Technology! 

The ebook sensation that’s sweeping the nation.

In it, you’ll not only find what each piece of the tech puzzle is, but what problems it solves. It’ll help you scale your revenue without wasting previous cash buying the wrong stuff as you figure out what you need. Download the guide here.

Is Virtual the New Reality? [ebook]

Sales Enablement Collective has tackled remote work challenges and compiled an ebook to help any team find weak points and fix them ASAP. This guide pulls in enablement leaders from all industries, and they get transparent about where teams have struggled this year and their secrets for adjusting. (Shout out to our very own Adriana Romero for her contributions.) 

Like the book says, virtual and remote work teams aren’t going anywhere. The leaders tackle the challenges head-on. This ebook interviews leaders from across the enablement spectrum and gets them to share their best tips and tricks you can steal for your own team. To embrace the culture and facilitate success in a remote work environment, download this ebook and share it with a team member or two. Get your copy here.

Navigate the Future of Selling With Revenue Intelligence [report]

Gong commissioned a research report from Forrester all about the conversation intelligence category offspring, Revenue Intelligence. They surveyed 200+ B2B executives and decision-makers in North America to uncover how sales are changing and the most significant problems teams face. 

In this report, you’ll see how the organizations who build a complete picture of the customer journey, experience, understanding, and insight at the core of their business decisions end up better off. Top performers are more capable of differentiating themselves through accurate, timely, and actionable insights delivered to their prospects and customers, allowing for a better experience and ultimately driving revenue outcomes and customer insights. Get the complete report here.

Salesforce’s Annual State of Sales Report

Sales have never been static, but 2020 threw some curveballs no one saw coming. Salesforce has gathered data from 5,951 sales professionals, including sales operations, sales representatives, and sales leadership. In this fourth edition of the “State of Sales” report, you’ll discover how inside and outside reps adjust to new expectations, the evolving responsibilities and high importance of sales operations, and new growth strategies and tactics that sales leaders are adopting amid a global crisis. The State of Sales is a must-read for anyone in the sales industry. Get a copy right here.

Revenue Team Alignment [webinar]

Enablers continue to be the organizational superheroes with the power to break down department silos and align teams. In this webinar, Jeff Davis gives tangible ways that enablers can create a holistic approach to teamwork. Grab something to take notes on because Davis packs quite a punch in just thirty minutes on aligning your sales and marketing.

Coffee, Collaboration, & Enablement [podcast / LinkedIn Live]

If you aren’t sure who to follow in the rapidly expanding enablement sphere, we want to suggest that you follow John Moore on LinkedIn. Grab a cup of coffee and head over to watch fantastic conversations between John “The Collaborator” and his live guests. They’re podcast-style interviews delivered live via LinkedIn Live.

From enablement fundamentals to thoughtful insights, Moore covers it all in his short segments. Moore is an excellent resource to help enablement leaders stay connected to the community’s pulse and grow from one another. You never know what conversation will spark your next big idea!

Great Listens From Sales Leaders

If you need something to listen to in between calls, in the car, or while you work out, take a look back at our August post with The 22 Best Sales Podcasts to Give You An Edge. There are thousands of sales podcasts, so we weeded out the best 22 for you to save you the effort of curating your own list. We’ve included the link, episode length, and a summary so you can find the next great listen. Find the sales podcast roundup here.

I hope this helps you wrap up 2020 and feel prepared for whatever 2021 brings to us. Bookmark this page, send the link to a colleague, and head into 2021 with confidence. 

Are you thinking about launching a sales enablement strategy in your business? Here’s one of my favorite success stories demonstrating how TouchBistro saw a 34% increase in average deal size using the LevelJump <> Gong integration.