The 5 Types of Sales Enablement Content You Need To Build

cement mixer for building sales enablement content

Sales enablement is a powerful tool that can be used to develop sales skills and capabilities for growing B2B firms. It can help with many aspects related to onboarding new B2B sales reps, continuous learning, and helping reps close business faster and more efficiently.


One of the most important aspects of sales enablement is to have the right content. Many team members can help to create this sales enablement content including sales leaders, the marketing team, training department, customers, and even the sales reps themselves.


Here are some of the types of sales enablement content you may want to have as part of your sales enablement plan.

1. Sales 101

Because the sales career path starts with the SDR career path, sales orgs often have a lot of team members who don’t have a lot of sales experience. Sales enablement content is an excellent opportunity to provide ongoing training around the basic sales skills needed to be successful. This could range from tips on conducting a great meeting to help with a cold call to just having the confidence to reach out to a prospect.

2. Sales Process

One of the fundamentals to having an efficient and successful sales organization is having a great sales process. A sales enablement solution can help reinforce the process. This is especially true for new salespeople as they get used to how your organization works. There are also significant benefits reinforcing the sales process with more experienced sales reps as well. To build or improve the sales process, you need to:

  • Hone your training
  • Define your strategy
  • Embrace analytics
  • Create a great onboarding program
  • Align sales and marketing teams


Once that’s done, you’re in a good position to drive a meaningful impact on your business.

3. Sales Tools

One of the keys to ongoing sales success is the proper use and adoption of your sales tools. For many organizations, this means the reps doing a great job with their CRM. Create sales enablement content that supports the use and adoption of these sales tools. This is important especially in the onboarding phase for a new rep, when a new tool is rolled-out and is also good to support ongoing training.

4. Success Stories

Success stories can carry a lot of weight with the sales reps. The best ones feature customers or even other sales team members. The reason that they may resonate more with the reps is that they are based on real-life engagements and not fictitious situations. They can also help to build the stories that your reps tell as they work with new prospects.

5. Competitor Information

Knowing your competitor’s strengths, weaknesses, and tactics can go a long way to winning an opportunity. Having your reps research and try and research each competitor and then how to position against them is very inefficient. Create sales enablement content for each of your major competitors and ideally, present it to the reps at the time of need.

Over To You

Sales enablement content is a critical step is getting your reps J-curve from hired to first deal, and then from first deal to consistently hitting quota all the way to the top of the leaderboard. Because reps can’t do it alone. You need to provide them with the right sales foundations, process, tools, success stories, and competitor information so that they know what to to do, when to do it, and how you win with your product.