How Sales Enablement will Boost Your Bottom Line

Did you know that sales enablement programs help companies increase sales by 75%?

You heard right – 75%! 

So, if your sales team doesn’t have a sales enablement program set in place, it’s time to make one. Before diving into the specifics of how specifically sales enablement will increase your company’s ROI, let’s talk a little bit about what sales enablement even is. 

What is Sales Enablement?

Sales enablement is a process that provides your sales team with the information, training, and tools they need to be successful.

More importantly it allows you to move your organization from being reactive to proactive so that your team can drive better sales results and delight more customers. 

How Sales Enablement will Boost Your Bottom Line

So, now it’s time for the answer to the question you’ve been wondering: “how will sales enablement boost our bottom line?” We’re glad you asked. 

Let’s look at what sales enablement can do for your sales reps to help them bypass their sales goals for the year. 

Better Marketing and Sales Alignment

An aligned sales and digital marketing team is a force to be reckoned with, but misalignment is the more common story. Marketing is looking at the wider market, but is often an internal function who can lose touch with the customer. In contrast, sales is laser-focused on the customer in front of them, but often suffers because it loses sight of the big picture.

Enablement can help keep these teams aligned by acting as a filter between sales and marketing. It can be the conduit for feedback from sales to product and content marketing teams, channeling customer insights to marketers. On the flipside, it can act as a filter, protecting sales teams’ time and making sure they’re getting the right marketing support, when and where they need it. 

Fun Fact: Organizations with aligned departments can achieve up to 38% higher sales win rates.

Sound Service Level Agreements

Aligning your sales and marketing teams to create a sound service level agreement is extremely beneficial. As part of your sales enablement strategy, it’s crucial to see eye to eye with your marketing teams to come up with a standardized SLA so both parties in the business arrangement know what is expected of them. 

What does an SLA between marketing and sales look like? An SLA between marketing and sales specifically lays out what marketing will accomplish to help the business reach its revenue goals and what sales will do to land more deals and generate sales. 

In fact, HubSpot has found that companies with an active SLA are 34% more likely to experience greater year-over-year ROI. So, if you are looking to improve your ROI, be sure to have an active  SLA to ensure that your teams are in alignment with one another.

Consistent Tracking

Sales enablement is all about identifying new opportunities to improve sales results by measuring the impact that specific techniques, tools, and processes have on increasing sales. This is why a good sales enablement plan will have consistent tracking measures in place because without this data, you'll be hard-pressed to determine how well your sales team is actually executing on their sales goals for the week, month, or year. 

Some common sales metrics to take to your CRO include: 

  • Win Rate
  • Cycle Length
  • Average Deal Size
  • Number of Opportunities in Pipeline
  • Time to Consistent Quota

Aside from improving your ability to understand how well your business is doing week over week, having this data allows you to make more informed decisions about how to improve your overall sales methodology. 

Sales Team are Better Equipped

Sales training and coaching can bring tremendous value to your organization, and sales enablement helps equip reps for sales success. A well-run sales team can enhance sales revenue by lowering costs, increasing employee satisfaction, building commitment, and improving client satisfaction throughout the sales lifecycle. It can also increase reputation by advancing the profession of sales and creating positive change in the workplace. 

An outstanding sales enablement plan will give reps time to learn and get proper training before talking to potential clients and offer them continuing education resources for further learning purposes. By keeping all of your reps on the same page, you will see no inconsistencies in pitch messaging and the sales process will become a streamlined formula that sales agents can use in all of their sales discussions.

Exceed Your Sales Quota with Sales Enablement

Are you ready to buckle down and bring in more sales this year? 40% of surveyed companies said they would miss revenue goals for 2020. Are you going to be part of this stat for 2021? Or, are you going to exceed your sales quota and bring in more customers to your business?

With the help from our sales enablement software, you will see a drastic increase in your team’s ability to close more deals, stay up to date with their training, and outsell the competition. What are you waiting for? Now is the time to get the sales tools you need to succeed.

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