Common Sales Coaching Challenges (and what to do about them)


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Modern sales organizations understand the benefits of sales coaching. Many studies have found that sales coaching is the most important activity for a sales manager. Great coaching translates into reps selling more, customers being happy, employees being engaged, successful team members being promoted, and much more. Like many things in life, it is much easier to talk about being a successful B2B sales coach then to put it into practice.

Here are some of the top challenges that B2B sales coaches could face.

Managing Too Many Reps

There are many factors as to why sales managers have too many reps negatively affecting their span of control. This could range from a quick-growing team, financial challenges, and even finding the right sales leaders. Typically the ratio should be between 6:1 and 10:1. There are many factors that could impact the span of control but if you are above this ratio then you are likely setting up your sales leader and team to have a less than optimal coaching environment.

Not Enough Experience

Modern sales teams are growing and there is a shortage of sales talent across North America. This relates not only to sales reps, but also to sales leaders. This often means that less experienced sales leaders are hired or promoted. Organizations need to understand this and make sure that the sales leader has the right support and coaching for their personal development as well.

Top Reps Aren’t The Best Coaches

Your top achieving sales reps do not always make the best sales managers. This is especially true for coaching. There is an overlap in skills and abilities for sales rep success and being a great sales leader, but not all abilities are the same. Make sure you have the right person leading your sales team. That means they need to be predisposed to coaching sales reps versus a sales rep on steroids looking to close business at any cost. The sales team succeeds by having the sales reps get better at their craft as a team.

Coaching Plan and Structure

Organizations need to examine if there’s a plan and structure in place to support the sales leader with their ongoing training and coaching efforts. There needs to be consistency through the organization and it cannot be just left up to the sales manager to create the program themselves.

Coaching Tools

What tools are there to support the sales leader and reps with ongoing sales training and coaching? One of the solutions to this problem is sales enablement. There are many solutions for sales enablement when dealing with your customers. Take a look at sales enablement solutions that can help support onboarding, training, and coaching.

Image credit: Muhamad Reza Junianto via Unsplash