6 Videos to Supercharge Your Prospecting

helpful video prospecting tips

As we move towards the end of the year, you may realize you need a few more opportunities in the sales funnel. That’s a sign it’s time to start prospecting a little more.

HubSpot recently released its State of Inbound Report, a survey of over 4,000 sales and marketing professionals. This year, the report includes sales insights as well as inbound marketing.


According to the study, sales prospecting is one of the hardest and most time-consuming activities for salespeople. So, we have collected a few of our favourite sales prospecting videos to help you with this. These 6 videos incorporate a number of different prospecting tips on cold calling, social selling, building better lists, using google alerts and more.


1. How To Know If Your Prospecting Email Message Is Effective

Sales expert, Jill Konrath, has great tips on evaluating how effective your emails to prospects are.

2. What To Look For On LinkedIn Profiles To Identify Trigger Events

Jamie Shanks from Sales for Life talks about using Linkedin to help find sales triggers while you are prospecting.

3. Sales Prospecting Success Secrets

Mark Hunter, the Sales Hunter, talks about breaking down your sales list for better sales prospecting.

4. Using Google Alerts for Social Intelligence

Brian Burns talks about using Google Alerts to help identify great prospecting targets.

5. Leaving Effective Voice Mails

John Barrows gives tips on how to leave a great voicemail.

6. What’s The Best Time To Cold Call?

Tibor Shanto still believes that cold calling can still be a part of your prospecting strategy. He offers some tips on the best times to call.




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