4 Tips On Outselling Your Competition

outsell the competition

Part of an organization’s sales planning cycle looks at which competitors accounts to focus on and which of your accounts is at risk to being lost to a competitor. In some industries, the only way to grow your client base is to close a competitor’s account.

However, selling to an account that already uses your competitor’s products or service can pose unique challenges to sales reps, especially to the ones with less experience. When an account is already using an existing product or service, you have to also have to overcome switchover costs and know the keys to outselling the competition.


Here are a few short videos from some of our favourite sales expert and organizations on how to outsell your competitors.

1. Be Better Than Your Competitor Today

Anthony Iannarino talks about creating more value for your customer as a competitive strategy.

2. 4 Critical Questions to Outsmart Your Sales Competition

Jill Konrath suggests looking at your best account and understanding how a competitor would attack it. This will make you better with your other accounts.

3. An Easy Way To Close More Deals: Out Selling Your Competition

Brian Burns talks about how to outsell your competitors with meetings.

4. Use Customer Testimonials

Is using customer testimonials dangerous? Jeffrey Gitomer says people who are afraid of losing customers from posting testimonials are not only short-sighted but they are also borderline paranoid. If your relationship is tentative, then you are vulnerable to lose that customer whether you post the testimonial or not. If you have customer testimonials, that will help you attract other customers.


Wrap up

When it comes to outselling the competition, there's no one way to get it done. Rather, there are lots of ways to try and solve your problem. Hopefully, these four experts get you heading in the right direction!
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Image credit: Marvin Ronsdorf via Unsplash