Glossary of Revenue Productivity and Sales Enablement Metrics

Here's a glossary of metrics to reference when thinking about assessing and measuring your sales enablement programs. When looking at data & analytics, be sure to understand what you are measuring, why you are measuring and to whom it matters.

Consumption / Usage / Engagement Metrics

Impact / Results / Outcomes Metrics

# of views (by content type)

# of downloads/uploads

# of favorites/likes most used resources

# of programs launched

# of people per program

# programs assigned

% of program completed (progress)

# of programs completed (by manager, by time period)

# of time Quiz taken Score Results (practise, pitching, etc)

# coaching/ feedback by manager

# coaching/ feedback by peers

# of certifications (by manager, by stage, by time period)

Program net promoter score / survey results

Call talk time

Call questions asked

Call topics and next steps

Time to first (TTF):

Time to first activity

Time to first meeting

Time to first qualified opportunity (pipeline)

Time to first deal

Time to 50% quota

Time to 75% quota

Time to 100% quota

Time to first consistent quota attainment (by month/qtr)

Time to second deal

CRM Metrics by program / cohort (ramped vs ramping) / manager:

Sales activity (calls, meetings, etc)

Pipeline generated

Revenue generated

# of deals closed

Deal size ($)

Conversion rate (%)

Cycle length (days)

Average # of reps attaining quota

Average attainment

Average revenue per rep

Average opportunities per rep

Time to rep profitability