Improve Sales Process With These 5 Tricks

The road to improve sales process is rife with flip charts and suits. Tread carefully.

Sales enablement is the tools, technology, practices, and systems companies use to improve sales process.


With sales enablement, companies can dramatically improve the sales process for reps and customers, letting you execute sales more successfully.


Here are 5 ways to use sales enablement to improve your sales process.

Before you start... 

First and foremost, you need to get your organization to commit. Sales enablement will only ever be as good as the executive sponsor behind it, and you won’t improve your sales process unless they advocate on sales enablement’s behalf. 


That’s because using sales enablement to improve the sales process involves reworking your marketing and sales strategies to encompass various techniques and tools to help transform your current to an improved sales process.


Once that kind of commitment has been made, it helps your company move forward and embrace sales growth.

1. Sales training

No business can improve its sales process without improving the sales training process. When you invest in ongoing sales training for your sales team, you give your reps the tools and information they need to sell smarter


Offering ongoing sales training is easy when you invest in e-learning. With e-learning, your reps can access their training at the times that best work for them, as well as when they’re struggling and need answers. Once those answers flow off the tips of your reps’ tongues, your customers will experience an improved sales process.


2. Onboarding

To create a stellar sales team, you need to hire the right people and effectively onboard them to drive their success. That’ much is clear. But what often gets missed is how critical onboarding is to a high-quality sales process.


Your sales training topics, sales coaching, and sales content will enable you to effectively onboard these new hires, leading to reduced turnover and greater productivity – in turn driving better reps and an improved sales process.

3. Sales strategy

Part of sales enablement is making a sales strategy that encompasses how to best reach your potential customers and deliver the best customer service.


The first step in this sales process improvement project is creating buyer personas.


Once your company has established who your ideal customers are, your sales team will stop wasting time reaching out to those who are not qualified.


This then gives them the time to focus on the people who are willing and able to purchase from you and transforms your sales process into a more personalized, responsive engine that customers love and that drives sales.

4. Embrace analytics

Analytics can be overwhelming. But by using analytics to monitor and improve sales process, you can see where the buying process falls. 

And finding the problems is half the battle when it comes to an improved sales process.


Once you know where the problems are in your system, you’ can work on fixing them and delivering a smoother buying cycle that customers will have no problems navigating.

5. Align marketing and sales teams to improve sales process

Sales and marketing are two peas in the same pod.


These two teams always had some overlap, but now, that overlap is more frequent and pronounced.


These two teams now have to work together rather than as two completely separate entities. When they do, you’ll have a more cohesive unit, which has proven to increase sales.

Over to you

Improving sales process is critical to driving the results that you want to see today. Not only is virtually every market extremely saturated (especially in SaaS), but the standard expected by customers is incredibly high. And in the new era of differentiation on customer experience, sales enablement can be the silver bullet you need to improve sales process.