Video: The Key to Bite Sized Learning

bite sized learning for sales


The COVID pandemic has validated what we already suspected:

Modern enterprise runs on video.

Streamlining internal communication for newly-remote teams, video conferencing solutions have gained widespread adoption. Long a weapon of choice for tech and SaaS sales teams, video solutions like Zoom are now being used by virtually every sales organization.

And sales enablement professionals have started using video as well.
With teams unable to capitalize on immediate, in-person feedback, video-based solutions have plugged the gap. What’s more, video comes with tons of perks for those tasked with sales representative training.

59% of executives say they’d rather watch a video than read, and 60% of people would rather watch YouTube than TV.

59% of executives say they’d rather watch a video than read

The point is that video is now most people’s preferred communication channel. Traditional approaches simply can’t keep up with our insatiable craving for video, mostly watched in bursts, mostly from our phone. So it only makes sense to build sales enablement content around that.

Here are 4 reasons why bite sized learning and video is a key part to any enablement platform.

1. Bite sized learning gets straight to the point

With an optimal run time of 1-3 minutes, bite sized videos are great for bite sized learning. They give instructors a narrow window to deliver a message. Plus, knowing they’re going to be subjected to a no BS, to-the-point video, sales reps are far more likely to engage with them, comprehend the message relayed within them, and ultimately, implement the advice or instructions imparted to them.

2. Bite sized video facilitates peer-to-peer sales enablement

Persuading star sales reps to share tribal knowledge is incredibly valuable to your company. There’s enormous organizational knowledge locked inside tenured sellers, and by sharing it, you make your entire sales team better.
Yet many organizations struggle to get reps to participate.
Prompting your #1 rep to stop selling and start teaching is always going to be an uphill battle. So enablers need to make it easy. Getting sellers to record a quick, low-budget video off their phone in the moment is the absolute easiest way for them to participate.

No writing out best practices, or sitting down for an interview, or transcribing a conversation later.

Plus, your sales team will love the assets this generates:

  • The videos come from actual sellers telling real stories
  • The knowledge is shared in real-time. In a modern selling environment, that speed to response is critical
  • You get better, more accurate content, since the time of recording is closer to the time that the event happened.

3. Bite sized video captures and disseminates knowledge fast

When Paul McCartney woke up from a dream with the lyrics of Yesterday in his head, and rushed to write them down. The same thing happens to sellers – the perfect objection handle or the perfect discovery question can strike at any time. Bite sized learning and video sales training are great ways to capture those ideas in the moment.
And since bite sized video recording tools usually sync with video hosting platforms, the videos will appear in predefined galleries or templates. Typically, a manager will assume the role of administrator, overseeing the quality and frequency of uploaded videos, and manage the bite sized learning that comes from them.
By reviewing consumption analytics, managers to see exactly how sales trainees and / or other team members interact with videos to better understand what’s useful and what isn’t.

4. Bite-sized video gives sellers a chance to share their expertise

Managers will see which videos gain the most traction and can circulate that information back to their team. Some enablers even highlight what the most watched or used bite sized learning videos are across the entire sales org, creating a platform that helps new team members identify experts and get a shortlist of top videos to watch when they start.

Final thoughts and takeaways

If 2020 has taught us anything so far, it’s that we should expect the unexpected. Developing and streamlining communication is mission-critical, especially since hallway and in-person conversations are no longer an option.

In this new context, bite sized learning is invaluable. It’s easy to produce and consume, and arguably is best served through video. Naturally lending itself to bite sized learning’s no-nonsense nature, videos can be used by any sales enabler, regardless of organization size or scope.

Image credit: Patrick Fore via Unsplash