Spencer Grover

Spencer is the product marketing manager at LevelJump. He comes from the world of content and loves helping B2B SaaS companies find exactly the right people who love a product, and figuring out exactly how to tell that product story so it resonates and compels action. You can find him on LinkedIn.
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3 Proactive Sales Enablement Strategies You Need To Try

September 18, 2020 / by Spencer Grover posted in Sales Enablement

All too often, enablement managers design programs reactively, based on an ad-hoc requests sales leaders toss their way. It inevitably ends up being random acts of enablement, rather than a deliberate sales enablement strategy.

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How to Run a Content Scavenger Hunt to Drive Your Sales Enablement

September 10, 2020 / by Spencer Grover posted in Sales Enablement, Sales Enablement Best Practices, Outcome-Based Enablement

Who doesn't like scavenger hunts? We'll do you one better: what if the next scavenger hunt could help you save significant resources and play a vital role in your sales enablement process?

That might sound a bit extreme.

But that's exactly what a content scavenger hunt can do. 

Sales enablement is the process of building a comprehensive program designed to provide your sales team with the content and tools they need to close more deals. From training materials and product information, to highly effective email templates, competitor battlecards, and much more, content is an important part of the process to help your team drive more revenue.

But it’s bonkers expensive and takes ages to build. On average, marketers spend about 26% of their budget on content.

So a big part of being an effective enabler is learning to use what you’ve got. And a scavenger hunt can help you surface existing content across your organization, enabling you to leverage it into better sales training and optimization.

That's right: no new content required. Instead, follow these 4 steps to run an effective content scavenger hunt that can lead to almost immediate ROI.

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How To Get Stakeholders To Buy Into Digital Enablement

September 2, 2020 / by Spencer Grover posted in Sales Enablement, Sales Enablement Best Practices, Outcome-Based Enablement

In order to effectively implement digital enablement, it's imperative to get all the essential stakeholders on board. Without buy-in throughout your organization, it will be difficult to roll out your digital enablement strategy. But obtaining the necessary support can seem like a daunting task when you need to convince a diverse group of people, each with their own viewpoints and objections. With the right preparations, however, you can convey the benefits of your position and secure the support you need.

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Sales Readiness Software vs LMS - What You Need To Know

August 27, 2020 / by Spencer Grover posted in Sales Readiness

When it comes to training your sales reps to be successful in the digital, agile, modern world, it might seem like there are a lot of different kinds of tools to help them do that.

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The 22 Best Sales Podcasts To Give You an Edge

August 27, 2020 / by Spencer Grover posted in Sales Training & Coaching

As you might have noticed, podcasts are sort of a thing. And you also might have noticed, there’s an awful lot of chaff in that wheat.

So we did the hard work for you and rounded up the 22 best sales podcasts we could find. These podcasts vary from pure tactics and the latest trends, to management expertise and insightful tips backed by years of experience.

Get ready to smash that subscribe button 22 times in a row.

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20 Simple Ways To Engage Your Remote Sales Team

August 21, 2020 / by Spencer Grover posted in Sales Training & Coaching

There was a clear trend of remote working even before COVID. Global Workplace Analytics reported in 2019 that in the last decade and a half, the remote working population has grown 11% faster than the rest of the workforce. This also applies to sales companies and teams, where in the US, about half of all sellers are now on inside sales teams.

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