Spencer Grover

Spencer is the product marketing manager at LevelJump. He comes from the world of content and loves helping B2B SaaS companies find exactly the right people who love a product, and figuring out exactly how to tell that product story so it resonates and compels action. You can find him on LinkedIn.
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Why Your Enablement Needs To Be Native on Salesforce

May 9, 2020 / by Spencer Grover posted in Sales Enablement Technology

Summary: non-native apps integrate with Salesforce using APIs, and that can cause problems. If tieing enablement to revenue is important, then a Salesforce native app built on is the way to go.

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5 Ways LevelJump and Gong Are Better Together

May 1, 2020 / by Spencer Grover posted in Sales Enablement Technology


We’re big fans of Gong.

In fact, I’d go as far to speculate wildly and say that Gong is possibly our favourite sales tool.

But that’s not why we partnered with them earlier this year to bring together outcome-based enablement and revenue intelligence.

We did it because revenue intelligence solutions, combined with LevelJump programs that tie enablement to revenue, is a killer combo.

And because it’s so cool, I thought it’d be worth sharing how our customers are using it.

Check it out.

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5 Tips To Digitally Transform Your Sales Academy

April 28, 2020 / by Spencer Grover posted in Sales Enablement Best Practices

Summary: taking your sales academy digital isn’t an impossible task. Start with the sharpest pain, ship programs quickly, get executive buy-in, reuse your existing content, and be bold – you can probably digitally enable more than you think.

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How to build an Outcome-Based Sales Enablement Framework (with examples)

January 16, 2020 / by Spencer Grover posted in Outcome-Based Enablement


Over the last few months, we’ve gone deep on Outcome-Based Enablement.

For the sales enablement function to become a mission-critical part of the go-to-market team, it needs to prove its impact on revenue. And we believe that enablement programs built outcome-first are the best way to achieve that.

And while most agree, many are a little fuzzy on exactly how to actually do Outcome-Based Enablement.

So we put together this 4-step sales enablement framework you can use to build your own Outcome-Based enablement plan or charter.

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Sales Enablement Trends - Soiree 19 Round up

November 25, 2019 / by Spencer Grover posted in Sales Enablement Best Practices


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The CRM Isn’t Dead

October 24, 2019 / by Spencer Grover posted in Sales Enablement Technology

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