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Spencer is the product marketing manager at LevelJump. He comes from the world of content and loves helping B2B SaaS companies find exactly the right people who love a product, and figuring out exactly how to tell that product story so it resonates and compels action. You can find him on LinkedIn.
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How to Tie Enablement to Revenue Outcomes in 4 Steps

December 1, 2020 / by Spencer Grover posted in Sales Enablement, Sales Enablement Metrics & Analysis, Outcome-Based Enablement

If you are in sales enablement, you know that marrying your measures directly to revenue outcomes is a never-ending challenge. It is the number one question we get asked on our client calls at LevelJump. Here we break it down for you in four steps that any enabler can follow to tie the two together.

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Gap Selling: Everything You Need to Know

November 19, 2020 / by Spencer Grover posted in Sales Training & Coaching

The Gap — no, not the American retail store, this refers to the gap between where a prospect is and where they want to be.

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Onboarding Reps Virtually: 7 Steps Sales Leaders Must Take

November 3, 2020 / by Spencer Grover posted in Sales Onboarding

As a sales leader, it’s assumed that you’re good at adapting to change.

Which is important because the current environment needs great sales leaders who are nimble and can successfully pivot. Most sales forces have had to shift from in-person to virtual onboarding, but there are ways to make your team stand out and succeed despite the change. 

A first-rate onboarding process will push new reps closer to their first deal and achieve the team’s goals. Consider also that effective onboarding can speed up the ramp-time to full productivity by up to 18%. Imagine having a team that gets their first meeting, opportunity, deal and consistent quota achievement faster. 

You can make it happen by following the steps below.

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How Coaching Can Shorten Sales Cycles

October 27, 2020 / by Spencer Grover posted in Sales Training & Coaching

Once you identify that your team has a sales cycle length problem, it’s time to do something about it. Here’s everything you need to know to create sales coaching programs to shorten your sales cycle.

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How Sales Leaders Can Build a Business Case for Sales Enablement

October 22, 2020 / by Spencer Grover posted in Sales Enablement

Most sales leaders wish that C-level executives would view sales enablement as a necessity, not just an amenity for teams; but to get buy-in from the top can take some work. In a perfect world, enablement would just be a standard line-item on the go-to-market spreadsheet. 

But we don’t live in a perfect world.

It’s often a grueling uphill battle for sales leaders trying to make a case for sales enablement to hard-nosed CFOs and other execs.

All too often, sales leaders are forced to build their case for enablement from scratch — articulate its value, paint a picture of the enablement function, and present evidence why hiring one enabler is better than just pouring that money into even more BDRs.  

If you don't have enablement as part of your current system (but you know it's a good idea - because it IS a good idea), here's how you build a business case for sales enablement so that you can get buy-in from your CFO.

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Why You Need To Measure Seller Behaviour Change Right Now

October 20, 2020 / by Spencer Grover posted in Sales Training & Coaching

Charles Darwin said it’s not the strongest or smartest species that survives, but rather the species that’s the most adaptable to change.

Chuck might as well have been talking about sales enablement. Sales reps’ tactics often need to change to meet the required revenue goals set by leadership. And no matter how clever you think your programs are, leadership won’t care if they don’t get you closer to your revenue goals. And the only way you’re going to do that is to change seller behaviour. 

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How To Transform Enablement With Asynchronous Training

October 14, 2020 / by Spencer Grover posted in Sales Training & Coaching

Sitting in Google drives, SharePoints, and laptop folders across the world, collecting digital dust and just waiting to see the light of day, are hundreds of enablement programs that were initially meant for day-long, in-person training sessions.

But let’s face it – they aren’t going to happen any time soon.

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Sales Enablement Maturity Model - What Level Are You?

October 7, 2020 / by Spencer Grover posted in Sales Enablement Metrics & Analysis

Sales enablement is a broad term that covers a wide gamut of efforts, ultimately aimed at driving more revenue. This includes stuff like tools and processes, but also content, coaching frameworks, and practice spaces for sales to get better at their jobs.

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How to Prove the Success of Your Sales Enablement Program

October 2, 2020 / by Spencer Grover posted in Sales Enablement, Sales Enablement Best Practices, Outcome-Based Enablement

There are several stages involved in implementing a sales enablement program. You need to create a hypothesis, get all stakeholders on board, and roll it out effectively. Once the process is in motion, there's another crucial phase — proving it works. Or, if it's not working, to quickly identify the problem and go back to the drawing board. What follows are some guidelines on how to show that sales enablement is working, and how to make improvements in any areas that need tweaking.

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What Gong + Clearbanc Taught Me About Coaching Sales

October 1, 2020 / by Spencer Grover posted in Sales Training & Coaching, Sales Enablement Metrics & Analysis

Last week I was lucky enough to sit down and “moderate” (read: shoot the breeze with some cool people) a panel discussion between Matt Biggerstaff, CSM at Gong, Adriana Romero, Sales Enabler at Clearbanc, and our senior CSM here at LevelJump, Becca Shaffer.

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How to Launch Your Digital Sales Enablement Program

September 22, 2020 / by Spencer Grover posted in Sales Enablement, Sales Enablement Best Practices, Outcome-Based Enablement

There are several key steps to building a successful digital sales enablement program. The most exciting part, however, is actually shipping the program so you can see it in action. The way it’s executed will have a major effect on how it’s received and the results you see. Here are some best practices and common mistakes to avoid to ensure you build a scalable sales enablement strategy that meets your objectives and drives revenue.

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3 Proactive Sales Enablement Strategies You Need To Try

September 18, 2020 / by Spencer Grover posted in Sales Enablement

All too often, enablement managers design programs reactively, based on an ad-hoc requests sales leaders toss their way. It inevitably ends up being random acts of enablement, rather than a deliberate sales enablement strategy.

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How to Run a Content Scavenger Hunt to Drive Your Sales Enablement

September 10, 2020 / by Spencer Grover posted in Sales Enablement, Sales Enablement Best Practices, Outcome-Based Enablement

Who doesn't like scavenger hunts? We'll do you one better: what if the next scavenger hunt could help you save significant resources and play a vital role in your sales enablement process?

That might sound a bit extreme.

But that's exactly what a content scavenger hunt can do. 

Sales enablement is the process of building a comprehensive program designed to provide your sales team with the content and tools they need to close more deals. From training materials and product information, to highly effective email templates, competitor battlecards, and much more, content is an important part of the process to help your team drive more revenue.

But it’s bonkers expensive and takes ages to build. On average, marketers spend about 26% of their budget on content.

So a big part of being an effective enabler is learning to use what you’ve got. And a scavenger hunt can help you surface existing content across your organization, enabling you to leverage it into better sales training and optimization.

That's right: no new content required. Instead, follow these 4 steps to run an effective content scavenger hunt that can lead to almost immediate ROI.

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How To Get Stakeholders To Buy Into Digital Enablement

September 2, 2020 / by Spencer Grover posted in Sales Enablement, Sales Enablement Best Practices, Outcome-Based Enablement

In order to effectively implement digital enablement, it's imperative to get all the essential stakeholders on board. Without buy-in throughout your organization, it will be difficult to roll out your digital enablement strategy. But obtaining the necessary support can seem like a daunting task when you need to convince a diverse group of people, each with their own viewpoints and objections. With the right preparations, however, you can convey the benefits of your position and secure the support you need.

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Sales Readiness Software vs LMS - What You Need To Know

August 27, 2020 / by Spencer Grover posted in Sales Readiness

When it comes to training your sales reps to be successful in the digital, agile, modern world, it might seem like there are a lot of different kinds of tools to help them do that.

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The 22 Best Sales Podcasts To Give You an Edge

August 27, 2020 / by Spencer Grover posted in Sales Training & Coaching

As you might have noticed, podcasts are sort of a thing. And you also might have noticed, there’s an awful lot of chaff in that wheat.

So we did the hard work for you and rounded up the 22 best sales podcasts we could find. These podcasts vary from pure tactics and the latest trends, to management expertise and insightful tips backed by years of experience.

Get ready to smash that subscribe button 22 times in a row.

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20 Simple Ways To Engage Your Remote Sales Team

August 21, 2020 / by Spencer Grover posted in Sales Training & Coaching

There was a clear trend of remote working even before COVID. Global Workplace Analytics reported in 2019 that in the last decade and a half, the remote working population has grown 11% faster than the rest of the workforce. This also applies to sales companies and teams, where in the US, about half of all sellers are now on inside sales teams.

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6 Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your Virtual Sales QBRs

August 13, 2020 / by Spencer Grover posted in Sales Readiness

It’s QBR season again. Normally this would mean getting all of your sales reps and sales leadership into one room for 8 hours (sometimes for more than one day) to recap the previous quarter and plan strategies for the next one.

But this year, things have been different. Due to COVID, many teams will be running virtual sales QBRs.

Sales QBRs don’t have a great reputation even at the best of times. They are not always known to make waves, and many leaders and SDRs often view them as an obligatory exercise that comes with the job, like the occasional dinner with your in-laws. This will make your virtual sales QBR all the more challenging.

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Why You Need To Tie Sales Enablement To Revenue

August 11, 2020 / by Spencer Grover posted in Sales Enablement

It sometimes feels like sales enablement suffers from middle child syndrome. Leadership is quick to shower sales reps and marketing with attention, and forgets all about sales enablement.

But as a sales enablement manager, if you want your efforts to get noticed, you have to build a business case for yourself. And that means showing your efforts have had an influence on revenue.

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Why You Need To Measure Enablement Against Sales Results

August 1, 2020 / by Spencer Grover posted in Sales Enablement

How do you measure the effectiveness of your sales enablement program?

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