Spencer Grover

Spencer is the product marketing manager at LevelJump. He comes from the world of content and loves helping B2B SaaS companies find exactly the right people who love a product, and figuring out exactly how to tell that product story so it resonates and compels action. You can find him on LinkedIn.
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How to build an Outcome-Based Sales Enablement Framework (with examples)

January 16, 2020 / by Spencer Grover posted in Outcome-Based Enablement


Over the last few months, we’ve gone deep on Outcome-Based Enablement.

For the sales enablement function to become a mission-critical part of the go-to-market team, it needs to prove its impact on revenue. And we believe that enablement programs built outcome-first are the best way to achieve that.

And while most agree, many are a little fuzzy on exactly how to actually do Outcome-Based Enablement.

So we put together this 4-step sales enablement framework you can use to build your own Outcome-Based enablement plan or charter.

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Sales Enablement Trends - Soiree 19 Round up

November 25, 2019 / by Spencer Grover posted in Sales Enablement Best Practices


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The CRM Isn’t Dead

October 24, 2019 / by Spencer Grover posted in Sales Enablement Technology

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Top 5 Takeaways From the Sales Enablement Society Conference

October 22, 2019 / by Spencer Grover posted in Sales Enablement Best Practices


Last week, the LevelJump team and I went down to San Antonio for the 2019 Sales Enablement Society Conference. Our goal? Talk to lots of people, learn as much as possible about the sales enablement space, and eat some killer BBQ.

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Sales enablement vs sales training

September 13, 2019 / by Spencer Grover posted in Sales Enablement

Sales enablement and sales training, while certainly related, are certainly not the same thing.

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What To Do After the Sales Kickoff

August 20, 2019 / by Spencer Grover posted in Sales Training & Coaching

Tis the season for sales kickoffs. Many companies still have physical sales kickoffs and a growing number have virtual sales kickoffs.

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