4 Salesperson Training Tips to Crush Your Quota

salesperson training tips

Sales reps are the face of your company. They’re the ones that your customers interact with most often, and they determine the success of your company.

So your sales reps must be a lean fighting force, maximizing their time to drive productivity.

To ensure that this happens, it’s important that your sales reps receive continuous and routine salesperson training.

Here are our 5 favorite ways to increase productivity with salesperson training.

1. Use e-learning focused salesperson training 

Salesperson training can be hard to do if you’re a training team of one.

Putting your sales reps into training in a classroom for a day is a waste of time and productivity – not to mention you have a bunch of very cranky commissioned employees.

This type of training also only happens occasionally, which isn’t much use when your team needs help here and now.

E-learning, on the other hand, eliminates these problems. E-learning salesperson training lets your reps train when they have the time.

It also gives them a resource that’s available at their fingertips for when they get stuck, ensuring more continuous productivity.

2. Give Product Knowledge

Salesperson training is important because it helps a sales rep learn and retain best practices for closing a sale. 

However, that’s only part of the training needed.

A sales rep can’t do their job properly if they don’t understand the product they’re selling.

Giving your team product knowledge training so that they’re experts in what you do and how you do it.

Product-based salesperson training will help:

  • Build your sales reps’ confidence
  • Increase productivity since they spend less time looking for answers
  • Drive better demos  since they know the right solution to highlight in response to the customer’s pain

3. Reward Achievements

Sales reps work tirelessly at their jobs, and their job isn’t exactly easy. 

It’s a sea of no’s looking for a single yes.

And that’s really, really hard. 

So it’s important your training for sales reps celebrates the wins. 

This could be as simple as praising them during your routine check-in, or by acknowledging them in front of the whole team or department. It might even just be a quick email to your boss with the rep cc’d saying how great they’re doing.

However it’s done, it’s a necessary step. 

And it bleeds into salesperson training too. Completing training, hitting your first revenue milestones, and moving along the sales rep J-curve are all reasons to celebrate, so make sure that’s a focus for your team.

4. Share Successes

Finally, share your successes, whether in salesperson training or in a real sales situation. Share deal, number, and quota successes with the team and show the rest of the company what your team can accomplish.

When you share the successes of your team with them, and with your department, you’re showing everyone what they can accomplish together.

This is imperative because it serves to boost morale, as well as foster a dynamic and positive work culture. It also helps to make everyone more productive because you are inspiring them to keep up the good work and to surpass what they’ve already done.

Wrap up

Salesperson training doesn’t have to be an arduous, time-consuming, and expensive task. Using e-learning techniques and wrapping training in the same system as your standard sales process, salesperson training can both get reps up to speed and keep them going for longer. Training programs can help deliver value when and where it’s needed, give reps the product knowledge they need to do their jobs, and give your team something to celebrate and something to share. 

For too long, salesperson training has been the ugly duckling of the sales engine. But we think that it’s about time that changed.