10 Best Sales Clips From Hollywood Movies

sales movie clips


The Academy Awards are approaching and in the spirit of movies, we thought it’d be fun to relive some of our favourite sales scenes from major films. Which of the clips below is your favourite? What other movie clips would you include on this list?

Please note: some of the clips include swearing.

1. Jerry McGuire – “Show Me the Money!”


This classic scene from Jerry McGuire has Tom Cruise screaming, “show me the money!” after one of his clients agrees to keep him as their agent.

2. Wolf of Wall Street – “Sell Me This Pen”

Lesson in selling stocks: create urgency so the client feels like it’s something they need right now.

3. Tommy Boy

Every salesperson feels nervous about meeting potential clients when they’re new at their job, but hopefully no one’s anxiety plays out this way in real life.

4. Boiler Room


Ben Affleck’s bold motivational speech to his potential brokers leaves everyone in silence.

5. Don Draper


He believes in his pitch and isn’t scared to walkaway from a potential client that doesn’t see value in it.

6. The Pursuit of Happyness

Every sales person’s cold calling dream come true: getting directly to the CEO and being asked to meet in person.

7. Along Came Polly


Use confidence and assertiveness to win over and convince the audience.

8. Glengarry Glen Ross – “Always Be Closing”


Alec Baldwin gives the “always be closing” and “attention interest decision action” speech to his car salesmen.

9. Tin Men


These salesmen create demand for their aluminum product by playing on fears and emotional needs.

10. Analyze That


Here’s an example of how not to offend potential customers who are considering your product by being pushy.


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