AMA: Building Enablement Teams for Scale


Achieving scalable sales enablement teams starts with prioritizing organizational objectives. In the ever-expanding world of enablement, organizations can’t ignore the importance of strategically scaling enablement teams. Enablement’s critical role in the revenue organization ultimately starts with building a team that is agile and scalable as business environments shift and change.

Join Carissa Thomas and Brittney Fomin from, as they talk about how they have built a sales enablement team with scalability in mind to support a global workforce.

This AMA session provides a space for a lively discussion on:

Layer 232

Why building scalable enablement teams is important to the revenue organization

Layer 228

How your sales enablement team should be structured for scalability and effectiveness

Bullet Point 1

The impact of remote and virtual environments on scaling teams and how this will evolve in the future



David Bloom

Founder + CEO,

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Adriana Romero

Director of Enablement Solutions,

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Matt Scheitle

Revenue Enablement Manager,

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