The Outcome-Based Enablement solution that proves revenue impact

Built 100% on Salesforce, LevelJump’s Outcome-Based Enablement solution gives you the power to tie sales performance to your coaching, training, and go-to-market readiness programs.

Our culture is built on

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T - Trust & Transparency

We’re honest and genuine with each other and our customers by being transparent and not over promising or misleading. We focus on building trusted relationships with each other and our customers, by doing what we say and communicating when we can’t, ensuring we are always in the know.


E - Experimentation

We are innovative at the core of everything we do. We encourage and push each other to bring ideas to the table and we are not afraid to try things or to fail - we always measure and learn. Iteration and Agility are at the forefront when it comes to our product and internal processes.


A - Accountability

We take responsibility for our own actions and are each accountable for the way things are run. You can't get left behind when you have a role to play. Mistakes happen, and it’s how we respond that defines our character. We help each other grow both professionally and personally.


C - Customer Centricity

Our customers’ satisfaction make or break our business. We think customer-first, provide world class support and listen to feedback to improve our product to help make our customers successful. Our customers are at the centre of everything we do. We treat our customers like partners, act like each one is our first customer and make them heroes in their own company.


H - Humanity

In other words Philanthropy. When we do something as a company to benefit others, we feel good about working with each other and our customers feel good about buying our product. We embrace social responsibility and volunteering in our community as a core part of our business. We always put ourselves in the other person’s shoes and focus on being considerate, respectful, and helpful.


A slice of LevelJump Life

LevelJump Team 2019 Foodbank Toronto

Giving back is core to what we do

We believe that philanthropy is about giving back to the people and community around you in whatever way you can. That’s why we’re a proud member of the Canadian Upside Foundation, a part of Pledge 1%.

Executive Team

David Bloom
Founder & CEO 
James Tam
Chief Product Officer